Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Federal or Governmental Jobs

from our recent grad - Lisa F. thanks Lisa -

The fed link is Directions:Set up a valid user account with valid email address: thaa is how you will be notified of vacancies.Enter a resume - text only, no fancy formatting; divide paragraphs with blanklines. set up notification criteria: locations of interest: choose multiple areas with Ctrl/Click job category: Legal and Claims Examining Pay grade range: 3-12

Search for jobs with these selections, then save the search and set it so it will notify you of new postings every day.

Apply for vacancies online - follow directions EXACTLY and provide all required information.
Sometimes Federal jobs are only open to current Federal employees. But not always, many times jobs are open to everyone - benefits are very good and pay is average. The bonus is the job security and ability to transfer to other locations.


Fran said...

Hey everyone is crazy about the federal and the governmental jobs. So a very good job options for everyone. Some good job descriptions are waiting for you.

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