Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Salaries for Paralegals

Of course once you have completed your certificate, you are going to look for a job.

What is the average salary for a paralegal.

According to recent surveys:

year salary bonus total compensation
1997 $36,435 $2062 $38,497
2000 $40,974 $2449 $43,423
2002 $46,074 $2909 $48,983
2004 $46,862 $3393 $50,255

The median expected salary for a typical Paralegal I in Los Angeles, CA 90035, is $45,116. That means half of the salaries are above this figure and half below.

For more information on salaries, benefits, employment opportunities, Benefits of Paralegals to the Legal Profession, and future trends, read about Paralegal Salaries and Benefits.

Looks pretty decent, after all of your hard work, no? Good luck, and happy job hunting, unless you already have one. Prof. J.


Yoel said...

Salary pay looks amazing! At first I wanted and expected to be dentist but I soon came to realize that paralegal was a lot better for me in regards to the salesmanship point of view.
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vishnuprasath said...

There are lots of jobs in Pune and Plenty of companies are hiring fresher and experienced professionals So rush to grab your job.

Justin said...

That's really great news for me. I am going to send my CV as soon as possible. Thanks for bringing this to my knowledge.
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Brooke said...

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Blogger said...
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Blogger said...

Certainly the paralegal market is buyont for certain types paralegals. Trademarks is one of them. Patent is another. Either way, you can't go wrong by earning youself a paralegal degree.

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